On March 12, 2003, 15-year-old Elizabeth Smart was found safe nine months after being abducted from her family's home in Salt Lake City, Utah. The daughter is rushed to the hospital; just as shes about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, I cant operatethat girl is my daughter!. Again the gender bias was the same: The results were no different for an alternate version of the riddle: a mother is killed, her daughter sent to the hospital, and a nurse declines to attend to the patient because that girl is my daughter; few people guessed that the nurse might be the childs father. Thus, many people failed to identify the nurse as male like they failed to identify the surgeon as female. -IIRC, when I used to watch ALL IN THE FAMILY reruns as a teenager (!) ), The genesis of the research was Belles 10-year-old granddaughter, who was given the riddle by her mom. So I put in a good many superfluous male characters and even incidental masculine elements such as the type of car involved in the initial accident (a Humvee for example, rolling off a cliff on an outward bound expedition are nice macho touches). It is also common to refer to someone as my son or daughter in the African American community in the United States southern region. Maybe even quadruplets? Please dont belittle the South, Rich. The father dies immediately, but the. The answer in this case is obviously that the surgeon is the father, but Im just wondering if the drastic lack of correct answers that people have given to the question is solely because of the gender roles they have in mind, or if the way the question is set up also primes people to think of the surgeon as having the same sex as the other individuals in the question. This riddle, if it is intended to display sexist bias, is severely flawed. The following question was also set up, but with the occupation being nurse not surgeon. We have kept a lot of the traditions that we had before we were brought to the United States. Because my wife had a high-level corporate position, my thought went immediately to boys mother but the riddle gives you pause for thought in all of our underlying biases. Youd think they would prefer to be the one doing it to ensure it got done right, Also theres no way they would be waiting an hour if it were the doctors child so that messes people up even further. Hate that it is unfair at times. This article is very interesting.It helped me learn and understand gender schemas. @ the people who guessed it was a gay couple rather than it was the mother! Just as he's about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, "I can't operate-that boy is my son!". Riddle: A father and son were in a car accident where the father was killed. Save. Statistics or facts must include a citation or a link to the citation. So me. Does gender bias trump sexual orientation bias? If one of you can guess the color of the hat on your head, I will let you free. The man died on the way to the hospital, but the boy was rushed into surgery. Photo by Cydney Scott, Heres an old riddle. When they arrived, an old gray surgeon was called in to operate. Thats the whole point of the riddle. It would be interesting for them to add a control group or correct the language and redo the study so we could have a more accurate picture of what is happening here. Many of you will probably have heard the following riddle: A father and his son are involved in a horrific car crash and the man died at the scene. What We Can Learn from It Today, Bidens Legal Strategy Could Result in Supreme Court Scuttling His Student Loan Cancellation Program, Study Abroad Planning: A BU Student Offers Tips, Tricks, and Insights. He stays three days, then rides out of town on . Answer: Heroine. Again, as others have stated, you would need to analyze a control group, or at least a case-control and see if there is a correlation with the mother daughter incident at seeing if the father being a surgeon is concluded. Also needs to be done numerous times. I have no brothers or sisters." Yes, a control group would be a good idea; however, the study is easily replicated. the old surgeon looked at the young man and declared, "i can't operate on this boy: he is my son". I realize Im 8 years late on answering but its the thought that counts. I can't operate on this boy. The Old Gray Surgeon. I have medical professionals in my family. In an article about bias the author clearly shows his bias. The man is taken to one hospital and his son to a different one. This is the kind of thing that happens that just makes it worse and does not fix anyone. Answer: Light. Moderators are staffed during regular business hours (EST) and can only accept comments written in English. Western society has identified the male/female centered family relationship as the norm. Answer: A candle. The father is killed and the child is taken to hospital gravely injured. Just like with Why did the chicken cross the road? People do know its to get to the other sidethey just expected the answer to be something really clever. Two ambulances came and took them to different hospitals. 2. What they are not saying is that this,study was done back in the 1960s. So I missed perception. A doctor wants to operate for three different persons who were wounded. The riddle made no stipulation that they were related. HOWEVER, that was in the mid-nineties, long after the idea of a woman being a surgeon had become ingrained in society. And thats another issuesome people will say I dont know because they have no way to tell which possible answer is the correct one. A man and his son are in a car crash. We are not taught to be problem solvers, concrete answers, supposedly correct answers are our specialty. Almost everyone or at least those who have seen Tin Cup knows the answer to this riddle: A man and his son are in a car accident. He is my SON!" The surgeon rushed in and upon seeing . There is no control group condition in this study, one where the answer conforms to the gender schemas; they simply have two conditions where the answer conflicts. If it was neutral by using words like parent and child or they then people would be more inclined to choose mother or father but instead the riddle conditions people to subconsciously think of males that you are doomed to be biased from the begining. Easy Riddles for Kids. The son is rushed to the hospital; just as hes about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, I cant operatethat boy is my son!. Notice that you just called the probably-male doctor scenario the control. That proves the bias right there! A man and his son were in an automobile accident. Comments / Answers (0) 2k views. Apparently, most of people can't solve this riddle because they're unable to imagine the surgeon is a woman. :D. It didnt cross my mind that it could be the childs mother. What makes an old riddle a riddle? Your reaction to situations is built upon what you know to be true. 2. The Car Crash. The solution? The first words are a father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the dad., It clearly states that theyre related a FATHER and a SON. Think about this in an another way like, A surgeons father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the dad. 24. Assuming that male is the default control answer in an ambiguous situation is *exactly* the bias thats being pointed out! The new Xbox is in "standby" mode and can be . Errol Morris is one of the most prodigious documentary filmmakers of our time. And when I told them yes, the answer is mom, they all thought that I was teasing them. The researchers addressed this; its covered in the fourth paragraph: (The results were no different for an alternate version of the riddle: a mother is killed, her daughter sent to the hospital, and a nurse declines to attend to the patient because that girl is my daughter; few people guessed that the nurse might be the childs father.). 1. I dont. The authors of Blindspot show us how to "outsmart the machinery of our own hidden biases.". The guy was in space. My answer was that the boys step-father took him to the hospital. Well, its an interesting question. It doesnt seem very enlightened to me to suggest that where youre from dictates the level of compassion or intelligence you can have. The doctor walks into the operating room, looks at the little boy, and says, "I can't operate on this boy. The only bias I see here is in the researchers who published this drivel. But when the child arrived at the hospital and was rushed into the operating theatre, the surgeon pulled away and said: "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son". I am humbled by the exercise and the bias that seems woven into me. It is still difficult in our society to put forward the women in their work and their success, as great and important as the men. Exactly. A cowboy rides into town on Friday. In the operating room, a doctor came in and looked at the little boy and said I can't operate on him he is my son. How stupid and trivial to indulge in characterizations like this. Here is a full list of easy, tricky, challenging, and funny riddles that kids, math students, teens, and adults will enjoy:. His work has influenced generations of documentarians for over 40 years. BE FAIR. Lets get professional, people. I have a hard time with the way this was presented. If I am a conservative you made me angry and did nothing to help me supposedly to be less biased. Abusive, profane, self-promotional, misleading, incoherent or off-topic comments will be rejected. Hopefully when things change for the future. I remember the character Gloria talked about it on an episode of All in the Familyway back in the day. would be fine with the answer being two dads. The first thing that came into my mind is whose father? The son is rushed to the hospital; just as he's about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, "I can't operatethat boy is my son!" Explain. So No one is stupid; and there is no real need to get angry because it somehow makes the reader feel guilty or confused. That may explain the result. The frog is dead. You just took a cheap shot at men. New television shows are showing us the way things will be. Father, Son, Dad, Boythe story is riddled with male descriptionsof course you may jump to conclusions. Question: What does this riddle illustrate about the one mentioned in the article? I thought that the surgeon was his mother only because of the first scenario about the father and son. I asked the mother-daughter question to a unique set of individuals from my department, and 100% of them got it right. I would say, regarding this last point about how the riddle should be presented (with the solution witheld) , that most of those who here have dismissed the riddle with such comments as that its so obvious only a stupid person would not see the solution, would not have seen it themselves had it been presented properly. How could this be? If you are aware of the father being gay then you are enlightened. Riddle: The doctor said "I can't operate on you. He Is My Son Riddle. Despite this I, a self-proclaimed feminist, *immediately* thought the surgeon was another father before I self-corrected and decided it was more likely that the surgeon was his mother. Imagine if the remark were you get a point for enlightenment, at least outside of Roxbury! I learned myself that if you give the solution too quickly, even if they could not see it, they will tend to rationalise with comments such as Oh thats obvious, I didnt say the mother because I thought it must be more complicated. Therefore, its necessary to withold the solution and force them to dig themselves into a hole by voicing various wrong answers before giving it, so as to guard against this. How could this be? Published: Nov 30, 1999. Answer: Carrot. Riddle: One of these words does not belong: Brawl, Carrot, Change, Clover, Proper, Sacred, Stone, Seventy, Swing, Travel. Could this be what those BU students had in mind as well? The daughter is rushed to the hospital; just as shes about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, I cant operatethat girl is my daughter!. In both tales its people of the same gender in the car, priming your brain to think of that gender when answering the question. I have no brothers or sisters"? But when the child arrived at the hospital and was rushed into the operating theatre, the surgeon pulled away and said: "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son . We know that the daughter said to people that she is married but the neighbourhood said she isnt. The doctor couldn't operate on the boy because the boy was the women doctors son. Your email address will not be published. how can this be? It had me thinking. This riddle is being analyzed based on gender bias, projecting that people who answer do so on gender discrimination. He can't breathe if he tore a hole in his space suit. To avoid this verification in future, please, Riddle: The doctor said I cant operate on you. Each mind is a universe; So, there is an imperative need to respect one another, and our individual boundaries. I personally didnt have any difficulty with the riddle. The answer to your question really depends on how your son's field trip is organized. Julian pipes in, "I also don't know my number . A man and his son had a terrible car accident and were rushed to the hospital. To my opinion it could be a case of adoption. CRIKEY said: is this what u want. This has nothing to do with competence. The best part of various responses were fruit for thought. Answer: Vlad and Bram are fish. * Female nurse: enfermeira. Upon seeing the young boy, the surgeon said, "I can't operate - this is my son. There is no imminent need for the Sherlock Holmes theatrics. You dont assume anything because it will cause trouble down the road. He can't send one to jail without sending the other one. He is rushed to hospital, and will need immediate surgery. This article shows us how many times we see no further, and we get carried away by appearances. Read the logic puzzles that we propose and argue the answers. Confunde decir cirujano y no cirujana. I am the first son of my father, That is why and how your personal experience influences your environmental schema. There are pieces of broken glass and some water on the floor. He goes to the hospital but the doctor say "I can't operate on you, your my son." It is not his mom. Belle et al . I immediately thought the surgeon was the Mom or possibly the gay dad. the answer to this riddle- the surgeon was the boys mother! We live in a very gender biased culture. This is supposed to help people? The son was taken to the hospital. Seems like I am six years late to this board but let me answer that anyway for anyone who has yet to see this page for their first time in life. Truly immediately I had my mind on a man as the surgeon. I had no problem thinking the surgeon was his mother, but equally thought it could have been a second father. Getting close. The sisters are Siamese Twins, (Conjoined Twins). But after I figure it out why the answer is his mom, my other bugging questions is why a mom as a surgeon could not to a surgeon for his own son? 4.1K Followers. The riddle also functions on the level of word choice, much like Stupid human tricks such as Ask them to say 'silk'. 1. The vampire thinks the darkness is night, goes out for a drink and gets caught in sunlight a few minutes later which kills him. 5,667. I easily figured out How is this possible? That was my thought too, about the male pronouns. "I can't operate . In an *ambiguous* gender scenario (the officer pulled me over), you might have some likely hypotheses that their choice might match the population distribution (roughly 50/50), or that their choice might match the gender distribution of the profession (though people might not know this). So, the moment we read it, we see the question as, "does the child have 2 fathers?" Now comes the main part, normally a child is born to a male and a fe. What made imagining a surgeon mom so difficult? In an unambiguous gender scenario, people pick the right gender 100% of the time. Here is the riddle: "Each of you has a hat on your head. And yeah the bible belt remark is embarrassing. I am extremely shocked that I did not get it. Actually, this issue is rather simple: in English, words dont have enough weight on gender, but the human mind relies heavily on words to make any and all sense out of everything. What goes with a car, comes with a car, has no use to a car, but the car cannot move without it? Each got one duck. Brian Stuy, who runs the service DNAConnect, estimates there's . The father is in a coma, and the boy has to be rushed in for emergency surgery. The doctor looks at the boy and exclaims "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son!" How could this be? The setup: A father and his son are in a car accident. "Because he's my son," the doctor responds. Self-described feminists did better, she says, but even so, 78 percent did not say the surgeon was the mother. And yeah, schemas do exist, they sometimes change, and they interfere in our thoughts and actions lets all study psychology ;), Excludent isnt a real word (except in mathematics), The same issue arises in the Spanish version, which is that a son and his father get into a car accident and are taken to the nearest clinic. The only states where same-sex marriage is illegal as of 2014 are Georgia and North Dakota, at that they might be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Courts ruling. . The whole point of the riddle is that the gender of the doctor is ambiguous *neither* gender would be a control in this study! ), In both groups, only a small minority of subjects15 percent of the children and 14 percent of the BU studentscame up with the moms-the-surgeon answer. Which is why its the control. But, then, that doesnt fit your narrative, does it? Youre my son. Plus if you do mess up, the guilt would be unbearable. The father dies instantly, and the son is taken to the nearest hospital. He needed immediate surgery. Its efficacy depends entirely upon how it is presented. Try this riddle out but change the gender of the child. 2 I would not say stupid. The ambulance brought the son to the hospital. The genesis of the research was Belles 10-year-old granddaughter. It is important to be okay wit feeling ignorant to such things, to pick up the pace. It would be embarrassing to not be able to guess that the surgeon is the mother. When the son arrives at the hospital he is rushed into surgery. Answer (1 of 4): This is a riddle from my childhood. Email me at this address if a comment is added after mine: Email me if a comment is added after mine. While driving they get in an accident that kills the father immediately and sends the son to the hospital. I have aspergers, I find it helps a lot with riddles, I ALWAYS think outside the box, unintentionally. The father died. The surgeon on duty walks into the room and says "Oh my god! Most surgeons wouldn't want to operate on their own child, it's kind of a mindfuck to know your child's life is in your hands.. it would compromise your focus. Answer (1 of 73): Thanks for A2A At first instance, this question hits our subconsciousness where we link specific roles to specific genders. Exactly. If their picks matched either of those, you could argue there wasnt a gender bias. Riddle: Doctor Can't Operate. You're my son.". What I think is the more valuable information gained from this study is that the majority of respondents were more likely to accept that the parents were a same sex couple than break gender norms. And when television gets a change in society and shows it, I think this change is more easily accepted in American society, anyway. Let me add this. Is google sexist? It is hypocritical because it approves of the clear bias by the author. Implies that those inside the Bible Belt are not enlightened and dont get a point. What are we? * Male nurse: enfermeiro Answer: To boil the egg in exactly 15 minutes, follow these four steps. The man's son was in the operating room and the doctor said, "I can't operate on you. ) at the end, to finally justify the revelation of an already existing situation. Los sustantivos de profesin cuentan con una forma para cada gnero, por lo que entiendo que deben emplearse en femenino cuando el referente es una mujer. They have severe trauma and a SPECIALIST (general neutral word) is called. an amygdala. Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: Email me if my answer is selected or commented on. A boy had an accident and was rushed to the emergency room at a local hospital. - Ryan Howard The riddle is packed full of male pronouns. This actually revealed that we all have this bias mind set when it comes some professions. I was thinking same about Slavic languages and probably more languages has words for men and woman.