Amazon Keyword Search Volume – Why and How to Use


Today the worldwide web is the go-to in every complex situation that needs a solution. Don’t know something? Google it! If you search right now “How to be a successful seller on Amazon”, you will be presented with hundreds of articles telling you more or less the same thing: the search engine optimization process starts with keywords.

The first thing people do when they open Amazon’s web-site is to put the searching tool to good use by inputting terms and keywords that would best describe what they want to buy. So it is vital to analyse, research and define what exact keywords are most searched by your potential customers and use this information to raise your ranks.

Keywords matter but how exactly we can utilize them?

Keywords matter

However, the aforementioned process can be very tedious, time-consuming and frustrating to do all by yourself. Moreover, after all that hard work, at the end it can turn out that your came up with a list of good search terms and keywords, but possibly not the high performing ones. Considering the high competitiveness of the platform you can not risk being left behind in this race.

According to the main source itself – Amazon’s help file in Seller Central titled, Using Search and Browse (Seller Central login required to view the content):

Search is the primary way that customers use to locate products on Customers search by entering keywords, which are matched against the search terms you enter for a product. Well-chosen search terms increase a product’s visibility and sales. The number of views for a product detail page can increase significantly by adding just one additional search term – if it’s a relevant and compelling term.

“Factors such as price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. In general, better-selling products tend to be towards the beginning of the results list. As your sales of a product increase, so does your placement.”

Fortunately, we live in an era of technology and there is a whole category of software focused on  keyword suggestions and providing data on their popularity, relevance and volume. Keyword search tools provide the opportunity for the sellers to make more informed decisions and ensure an efficient start.

AmazVOL is a tool just like that, a real time Amazon search volume tool that analyzes and tracks thousands of keywords and brings out the results. In fact, the tool is aimed to help you easily understand what the customers are searching on Amazon. At the same time market research feature allows analyzing Amazon searches and spots trends. AmazVol is here to make it possible to search for keywords that will be further used to start SEO and PPC campaigns with the highest profit. You can read more about how AmazVol works to have better understanding on its features.

What AmazVol may offer you today?

What AmazVol may offer you today

AmazVol keyword search volume tool offers the richest database of millions of keywords from global markets.
Search volume backed by extensive data science
Up-to-date real shopper search data

Richest keyword database


Analyzing Amazon searches AmazVol managed to track and collect the largest keyword database. Simple yet functional tool performs a huge job by analyzing over 500 million keywords and search phrases. This system quickly tracks and identifies the most up-to-date keywords ensuring that you have the most accurate information. As a result, you will have constantly updating Amazon keyword search volume tool with large database. How to find the right keywords to sell on Amazon and grow your business? AmazVol is here to help you find all the keywords and possible phrases that will make your product more visible.

Keywords from global markets


The search results mostly differ depending on the country. In order to make your products popular and visible worldwide you need to use proper search terms including search language. With right terms you are more likely to reach bigger audience and potential buyers. AmazVol keyword search volume tool provides you an access to global markets and buyers from Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

AmazVol data science – estimate backed search volume


AmazVol uses an algorithm that tracks and spots merchant words to find Amazon keywords that will really work for you. Through monitoring Amazon search AmazVol immediately spots trends. Data science collects keywords and compares them with those in search history. Millions of keywords are kept and ranked in database.

Thus the presented information and rich data proves once more that the leader of the industry – AmazVol is a unique platform for keyword search and market research.