Holiday Selling Tips for Amazon Sellers


On holidays most FBA sellers including Amazon sellers are snowed under. Everyone is trying to buy presents for their loved ones. Manufacturers prepare their schedules for this season. Industries produce items and sell them to people on the holidays.

Here are some tips to assist you in selling your Christmas products



The key to successful business during this season is preparation. You need to prepare everything before customers start thinking of buying Christmas presents and not only.

If you want to get a bingo right in and sell the products, you need to know what it is and where to start from. Blogs and wholesaler catalogues can assist you here, but good accurate information can be hard to come by and you may still end up with something unsellable if the e-market is not the way as you have expected.

And on the contrary, many holiday items are guaranteed to be sold well and can be bought very cheaply but profit margins will be lower due to competition from a hundred other sellers. The perfect situation would be your own niche product that also sells well during the holiday season.

In fact this mainly depends on what products you are going to sell, but whatever you do you should beware of high demand and seasonal delays. If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon, supply chain delays are going to be doubled because delays from the suppliers are compounded by delays getting stock into the Amazon Fulfillment centres. You should expect the supply chain to take twice as long as normal to get anywhere

Carefulness in Restrictions

Carefulness in Restrictions

Every seller on the Amazon marketplace is aware of bad sellers, fraudsters and counterfeit product sellers who make things harder for those who work honestly.

It’s because of such sellers that certain categories of items are restricted for verified sellers.

It is useful, as customer confidence is important for any retailer, but it can be a problem on the holiday season when these categories are temporarily restricted and you just bought several hundred units of something that you can’t sell them because the window for verification has closed.

Amazon  is usually very transparent about this and will send emails to warn about temporary restriction if you have ever sold items in such categories before.

Getting the Season

Getting the Season

Seasonal business begins when Halloween is over, but the retail season actually begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you have products worthy for a Lightning Deal or are planning an advertising campaign, you can schedule them.

AmazVol– a keyword search volume tool can assist you in finding suitable and accurate keywords that will help you to improve your visibility and the sale of your products. It offers a number of categories for keywords.

Especially if you’re a newbie in Amazon, you should start selling from the small volume because with the help of these offered keywords you can rank higher with less competition. By using this Amazon keyword search volume tool you can find the most appropriate categories for your products.

People love announced sales, a lot of advertising and social media work has gone into priming people for bargains and deals on the end of November.

As we reach the season, supply chains delays will increase so you should either get enough stock to cover the season beforehand or you can order often enough to have a reserve in case of sudden surges of interest.

Waiting for the Unexpected

Waiting for the Unexpected


You should be ready for the unexpected, or at least prepare to be surprised by anything.  The holiday season is too stressful when you aren’t working retail.

When the unexpected is something that may threaten your business, you should take a breath and deal with it.


Recovering after Holidays

For online sellers Christmas isn’t a day off. Customers buy last- minute- gifts right before Christmas Day, and Amazon is one of the first places they search for when they get their new gadgets and electronic toys.

Once you have a new smartphone or something like that, you may want to buy a case, games or other accessories. If you are selling items that suit with the latest electronic gadgets, you may not notice a dip in sales on Christmas day, only a slow decline to January.

The start of the new year is a wasted time retail sellers. Everyone has spent all they could and now have to budget money for a month or two until their finances recover.

For retailers Christmas season is a time to offer discounts,  to keep sales, figure up and clear old stock to get rid of new.

Sales do not differ on Amazon, but there is not much need to get rid of old stock. Unless it takes really valuable space, it is better to keep it in stock. People buy seasonal products not in the season because they think it will be a bargain, or to keep for next year, or just as a quirky gift.

You should take advantage of offered sales. If you’re selling products that can be kept until next year and you have storage, then you should buy stock when your suppliers hold their clearance sales.

Season of Returns

Season of Returns

After Christmas comes the season of returns. There is not much we can do about them as retailers expect them and deal with them as professionally as possible. They have become a part of retail, especially after the holiday season.