How Do I Rank My Product on Amazon?


Everyone wants to be successful and to make a fortune. Nowadays Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces, a great platform for the customers to satisfy their needs and for the sellers to present and realize their products.

However, especially in the last years, the platform has become highly competitive. Hence, taking this fact into account, from the point of view of the sellers, it is very important to fully understand the ranking system of Amazon and to learn the exact steps that will lead their product to the high ranks.

As has been long established, while using the searching engine, people rarely go to the second page of the results, thus appearing high in search results is crucial to success. 

Now let’s talk about Amazon’s algorithm, which powers Amazon’s search engine and search results.

Amazon’s product search algorithm A9 is named after a subsidiary of Amazon –, which develops the company’s search engine advertising technology. However, at the moment, it operates on a very simple keyword search method without much regard for how closely a product matches the query.

Essentially there are three basic points for the optimization of the search engine:

  • Visibility
  • Relevance
  • Conversion

To put it simply, you want to make sure customers will see, click and buy your product.

In this process there are some key elements we need to pay attention to:

#1: Title

Make sure you put all relevant details in your title, putting the name of the product first. However make sure not to overdo the keywords in the title, as it is not only unattractive to the human eye, but it can also harm the search rankings on Amazon.

According to Amazon, it is beneficial to include the following characteristics in the title:

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Quantity
  • Material
  • Color

#2: Seller name


Another way to make the product more visible in search results is to implement the keywords describing the product or related to it in the seller’s username. This will hugely impact seller’s relevance and is one of the main ranking factors.

#3: Keywords

amazon keywords matter

By now pretty much everybody knows the importance of choosing the best product keywords and the best way to do so is to analyse the achieved results of the successful competitors in the specific category and use their techniques as an example for creating relevant keywords and to generate high traffic.

#4: Pricing

amazon products pricing

During the process of evaluating the product and deciding its price, it is necessary to first check the pricing of identical products to avoid creating large gaps between the prices. Besides this pricing strategy sellers can also implement Cost-driven pricing (in this case the sellers base the product prices on the marking up of their own costs to some level) or Value-driven pricing (this strategy is based on the assumption that the presented product is more valuable for the customers than its competitive counterparts and has the “right” to have a higher price).

#5: Description and Bullet Points

amazon products description

Both tell customers more about the product, so this is an opportunity for the seller to be very detailed about the characteristics of the products, its overall value and efficiency, as well as to be persuasive. A vital role in the product high ranking and visibility also plays the form in which the corresponding text is presented. Be sure to create a product descriptions that tell a story and inspire. In addition to the aforementioned keynotes, you can also include a strong call to action at the end. Make it direct, to the point and if you are offering any promotions, let users know about them.

#6: Images

amazon product images

High quality images have long been associated with higher levels of sales, they also affect customers’ perception of the product and are the foreground for the formation of a positive first impression. Not only do quality photos that zoom influence conversions (which certainly impacts rank in search), but also it appears that high quantity of photos is positively correlated with rank in the search results.

#7: Reviews

Product reviews are key to increasing the sales and in order to rank higher in search results. Products with a large amount of positive reviews sell better since shoppers have an immense faith in social feedback. Amazon is aware that customers rely on reviews to make informed decisions about their purchases. Reviews serve as social proof and let buyers know it’s safe to spend their money on your product. Hence it is crucial to prioritize high level customer service and customer satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to ask the customers for reviews, in case they are satisfied with the product, usually most of them will be more than happy to leave a (deserved) positive review.

Summing it up, now you have practical steps you can put into action today.