Proven Strategies to Get Amazon Reviews


Gradually, people are starting to understand the importance of Amazon reviews. The number of reviews, and mainly positive reviews, can influence their product sales and rankings. But most people have no idea how to get these reviews.

Here are introduced approaches that can help get more Amazon reviews. Each of them is tried and tested. This is probably the most complete list for how to get Amazon reviews.

Build an email list  

Build an email list

This is a long-lasting process, but can be very effective. It can be a little hard when you first start, but when you have listed enough email addresses from your first item, this opens the way for your second, third, and so on. Then you can start sending emails to everyone on the list, using ads you have created to generate traffic for your page or independent websites, and tell your  users to subscribe to your services to exchange the discounts, among other things. To be more effective, you will need to invest in a landing page and independent website. The method can also be adjusted to attract fans through Social media websites by hosting promotional campaigns to collect email addresses, but doing this can also consume a lot of your time.

Using Tools to Collect Reviewers

Using Tools to collect reviewers

Contacting reviewers directly can also be effective. Collecting an email list may cost a lot of time and money, but it is probably the safest and the most effective way of getting positive reviews for your products because of the precise user group and the risk to your account is low. This includes first finding product pages where target users purchased products and left reviews, and then listing their email addresses and sending them emails. For example, my target users might be football-addicted men, so I can visit some Amazon stores selling football associated or other similar sports equipment to find email addresses. So, as easy as it sounds, doing so manually is not an easy task.

Using this tool can make it very easy to target specific user groups, and find email addresses that can later be converted into positive reviews for your products. This is not that risky and more effective than going alone.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

There are Facebook groups and they are full of sellers and reviewers. You can post items and offers in these groups. Most reviewers will require you to give them products for free or with a pretty big discount in order they got involved in the process. Searching reviewers is always a good method, and you can get reviews very quickly.

There are two ways to do this; the first way is to make a post- message in the hope that someone will be interested right away, and the second is to ask admin of that Facebook page to promote your post and pay him in return.

But looking for reviewers in Facebook groups also has risks. It is possible that some resellers or competitors are following these groups for new product ideas, and some might even take your free product and run, without posting a review. So you should try to think about the risk and reward ratio. Even with the risks, it’s probably the cheapest way to get a few good reviews, and if you have a low budget and no connections, it is something you should not ignore.

Make Use of All Kinds of Forums

Make use of all kinds of forums

There are a great number of people that like to spend time on various online forums related to their interests like Reddit. There are many Subreddits within Reddit. These Subreddits are created for user areas of the same interest. This means you can post messages in Subreddits that are related to your products to attract potential reviewers.

The thing is that you need to get really involved in the forums for a few weeks or months before you post anything relating to reviews. For example, if your product is some sort of sport equipment, during the product development phase, you could talk about how your product is developed and what sport features it has and sports-related Subreddits or sub-forums.

What is more important here is that you can take this opportunity to ask other users for assistance and advice. Doing this, you can come to a profitable mutual agreement with them. After users got acquainted with you, it would be easier to send your products to them for free or offer on sale products  in exchange of their reviews after your product is posted.

This method’s problem is that it’s not always succeeded and can sometimes consume a long time to achieve the best results. But, the risks are lower as compared to the previous method including Facebook groups.

Review Services

Review services

There are a number of professional review service agencies, and you can of course apply to them. Most of them just ask you submit the product links or URLs to them, and they will handle the rest. You can have as many reviews as you need, and don’t need to worry about anything.

This method will assist you to gain the largest number of reviews at the same time being the least time consuming. It also poses the lowest risk to your accounts. The price is comparatively high here and needs to be considered as well.

Make the Most of Customer Services

Make the Most of Customer Services

With the help of the Amazon API, you can have access to third-party tools to send automatic emails. This gives you the chance to capitalize on every purchase, and make every buyer leave a review.

Generally, there are three automated emails. The first one is a shipment reminder email, the second is a delivery reminder email, and the third email is for offering your regards after the item is received. Here you can also politely ask customers for feedback or reviews. This can turn any sale into a review. Using this can get you more reviews and lower the chance that buyers will leave negative reviews.